KatrinkaAs most of you know, Brooklin Boat Yard is well known for its restoration work of classic yachts. The restoration of KATRINKA now broadens the scope of our restoration work as in the past these projects have focused on wooden construction and KATRINKA (49’, Bill Tripp design, built in 1969) is a glass boat.

Work began in earnest last summer (2007) when the entire interior accommodations, bulkheads and systems were removed from the boat and the entire deck carefully removed in one piece for eventual reinstallation once all new interior accommodations and systems had been installed.

At this writing, the hull and decks have been completely re-cored and new structural members installed in the hull. A new interior (based mostly on her original configuration) has been designed and is mostly installed. All new ship’s systems are also well on their way to completion and the deck (with new teak decking) has been fastened in place.

KATRINKA was originally designed as a yawl rig but at some point over the years she was converted to a sloop. The new owners of the boat wanted to make it as true a restoration as possible so the boat will return to its original yawl configuration but instead of her old heavy aluminum construction spars her new mast(s) will be built by GMT Composites in carbon fiber.

A late spring / early summer 2008 launch and rechristening is anticipated.

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